Hot Shower or Cold? What does your body need?

All that sweat oozing out from your body after you are done working out forces you to take a shower to feel fresh. But the big question occurs- which one should you choose? A hot shower or a cold one! Well, there is no correct answer to this. The choice depends on the benefits your body requires that time and not the weather.

Here are some facts about both of them, and you can choose one depending on body status.

Hot Showers:

     Reduce Soreness- At the time of workout, your body goes through tension. A hot shower can be as beneficial as a hot pack to provide relief to your muscles. The blood vessels relax and expand, increasing the blood flow and hence reduce soreness, increasing tissue flexibility.

     Increase blood circulation- As the blow flow eases after a hot shower, it is better for people having a blood pressure problem. Along with that, it can also benefit in relieving pain, stimulating healing and reduce inflammation.

     Lactic dispersion- Due to better blood flow, the lactic acid accumulated during the workout disperses efficiently decreasing uneasiness.

     Better breathing- The steam from the hot shower act as a natural decongestant which helps clear nose for any cold symptoms and hence proper breathing health.

     Better skin- A hot shower opens up the pores which cleanse your body. It also soothes it and makes it healthy.

     Improves Insomnia- Since a warm shower is relaxing for your body, it helps to have a much better sleep. The temperature difference between a warm bath and a cold room induces sleep.

However, too hot the water can cause blood pressure problems, dry skin, and can cause itching also. It's essential to maintain the temperature.

Cold Showers:

     Quicken muscle recovery- A cold shower contracts the muscles, which reduces swelling and bruising.

     Reduces Pain- The low temperature of water numbs your nerve endings, which relieves you of pain instantly.

     Stimulates Immune System- The cold shower contracts the blood vessels focussing the blood flow to the vital organs.

     Better Hair- The cold water can close up the pores, strengthening the hair follicles and hence better and healthy hair.

     Healthier Skin- It can be helpful for better skin as it doesn’t dry it up, locks the moisture in and tightens it.

     Control acne- The hot shower open pores and oil or sebum can be removed from the skin. However, this leads to its increased production, which can cause acne.

Cold showers can increase the time your body requires to reach a moderate temperature. It is also not advised to have a cold shower when you are sick. It indeed improves the immune system, but it's not beneficial to do so while it's doing its job.

In conclusion, since no one choice can be declared as the best one, alternating between the two is the most effective.  It's best to keep the temperature moderate otherwise unless you are showering for a particular benefit.

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