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Health Benefits of Amla

Amla can be consumed as raw fruit, juice, powder, dip, pickle, candy, jam or spreads. It is a mine of nutrients and is beneficial for various parts of the body, some of which are indispensable for a healthy self. It is bitter in taste but the results it produces are worth it. Some benefits offered by Amla: ●      Vitamin-C helps affect the common cold or a cough. ●      To improve your eye health like watering, reddening, cataract, tension, vision, the content of carotene is effective. ●      The fibre content and tannic acid cures constipation and make you less bloated. ●      It also helps you reduce weight by preventing cravings. ●      It is a well-known remedy for healthy hair . It reduces greying, prevents  dandruff improves hair growth by providing proper blood circulation and strengthening hair follicles. ●      It improves skin quality and acts as anti-ageing . ●      Reduction of cholesterol and an increase in insulin secretion is su