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Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemon is from a citrus family, making it rich in Vitamin C. It is bitter but is very beneficial for our body. It can be consumed in juice form, as a part of a dish or a drink, or pickle.
Some health benefits of lemon are:
1.Healthy heart- the VItamin C content keeps heart healthy and reduces the risk of heart attack and a stroke. It may also lower cholesterol level.
2.Weight loss- lemon may help in losing some weight as it contains pectin fibre which makes to feel full for a longer time resulting in you eating less food.
3.Prevents kidney stones- the citric acid increases urine volume and its pH making the environment unsuitable for stone formation.
4.Prevents anaemia- lemons do not contain iron themselves, but they help absorb more iron quantity from other foods which in turn prevent anaemia.
5.Prevents cancer- some compounds such as limonene and naringenin may also kill cancer cells. However, the quantities used by researchers were too high and still in investigation.
6.Improves digestion…