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Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrots along with being good in taste also contain a lot of nutrients. They are found in orange, red, purple, black, white, and yellow colours. They can be eaten as a fruit or consumed in juice form as the pulp is tough.

Health benefits of carrot juice:
●It supports an increased bile secretion, improving metabolism and hence can lead to weight loss.
●They contain beta-carotene, which is responsible for better eye health. They keep you away from cataract, blindness, and macular degeneration.
●Skin problems like rashes or psoriasis can be cured. Vitamin C helps in inflammation, recovering from wounds, skin appearance and increases the healing process.
●An improved immune system to avoid flu and cell damage due to the presence of antioxidants.
●The antioxidants also help keep cancer away.
●To keep your heart healthy by keeping the cholesterol low, carrot juice is laced with potassium.
●It contains the nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy like folate, calcium, and vitamin A and avoid any bir…