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Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranates are red fruits, rich in sugar calories but contain medicinal properties. The peel is discarded, and the seeds covered with aril are eaten. It can be eaten raw or in juice form. Some health benefits of pomegranate are : 1.    Anti -Ageing- it contains antioxidants that keep you from ageing by preventing the formation of free radicals. 2.    Blood-thinner- it helps thin the blood and also prevents the internal blood clots in arteries or anywhere else in the body. 3.    Prevents atherosclerosis- the hardening of walls of arteries due to our lifestyle and high cholesterol can be restricted by consuming pomegranate. 4.    Pump oxygen- since it prevents all the clotting and cholesterol from increasing, the oxygen is easily transported along the vessels. 5.    Prevents Arthritis- it fights the responsible enzyme to reduce the cartilage damage and also provides relief to inflammation due to Arthritis. 6.    Prevents erectile dysfunction.. 7.